01.1More opportunities

01.2Secure access

01.3Real-time updates

01.4End-to-end visibility

01.5Faster payments


More efficiency. More opportunity.

Powered by Kuehne + Nagel, eTrucknow is a single, secure platform where you and your drivers can share real-time data on every delivery.

Build your partnership with Kuehne +Nagel through a single shared ecosystem.

Join forces with a global leader in freight forwarding, increase revenues from your existing customer base, and gain access to new prospects.

Count on secure access and instant communication for you and your drivers.

Our private cloud technology enables everyone in your fleet and logistics teams to share information securely and seamlessly – anywhere, any time.

Stay one step ahead with critical vehicle updates.

Improve planning and reduce maintenance costs with detailed vehicle status reports and estimated time of arrival.

Plan shipments, manage your fleet and get 100% visibility in one place.

Every pick-up, every delivery, every truck, every driver, every document. See it all in one place – and enjoy the efficiencies that come with it.

Get real-time status updates and upload ePODs for faster payments.

Streamline logistics and accelerate payments with paperless documentation and simplified book-keeping.

Frequently asked questions

Find answers to some of the frequently asked questions we receive. In case you don’t find an answer to your question, you are always welcome to get in touch

Why should you use eTrucknow?

1. Instant visibility In combination with the Driver application, empower your driver to share shipments information on the go and get the visibility

2. Save time & hassle Communicate live shipment status and POD to get the job done and facilitate payment

3. Control tower One central platform to visualize all your Kuehne + Nagel loads, accept and execute the job

What is the onboarding process?

Here is our seamless and hassle-free onboarding process:

  1. Discovery call with our Carrier onboarding expert

  2. Receive training materials for your dispatcher and your drivers

  3. Receive your Account credentials and validate your fleet of Truck and Driver in the system

  4. Connect to the platform and view your loads details, start assigning your driver to the job

  5. Execute jobs, upload the POD and keep truckin’!

What features are available?

  1. Secured log-in access

  2. Control tower of your Kuehne + Nagel loads

  3. Shipment and Fleet management

  4. Track & Trace with status, POD and GPS

  5. Reporting functionalities

How does the driver application works?

  1. After your onboarding onto eTrucknow with our team and training, you can advise your Drivers to download the eTrucknow application on the Android store

  2. They log-in with their received credentials

  3. They view their pending jobs and can start reporting on the execution, at the end of the job, they upload the POD in the application

At all time you have a centralized view of your driver's execution as the Driver application connects to your eTrucknow Desktop view

Which languages are available in eTrucknow?

  • eTrucknow desktop application is available in: English, Mandarin, Hindi, Malay, Vietnamese, Thai, Arabic, German, French
  • The driver application is available in: English
  • We are currently working on the translation of new languages