Arranging your road transport can be a demanding process. Shipping something from point A to point B can require countless administrative tasks, phone calls and uncertainty.

As a small to medium enterprise, you understand that time is money. The faster you can arrange your shipping, the sooner you can spend your time on more important topics.

At Kuehne+Nagel, we understand that you want to arrange your road transport efficiently. That is why a one-stop shipping platform eTrucknow was designed to help you arrange your road transport quickly and easily.

This article will show you the process of booking a truck shipment online in three simple steps. Do not worry, it will not take long!

Step 1: Enter your details and get a competitive quote - instantly

Enter the pick-up and delivery locations and choose the size of the truck you wish to book. The truck will depend on the cargo you want to transport. You can choose reefer trucks if you need to keep your goods cold, or a range of other trucks of various sizes.

eTrucknow will quickly search and instantly deliver you a quote. A range of factors including your cargo type, dates and timing, vehicle chosen and availability of carriers determine this quote. Based on these factors, eTrucknow provides you with a competitive quote, instantly.

Step 2: Turn the quote into a booking

Once you have your quote, you can quickly turn it into a booking.

Click the "Book Now" button and you will be directed to a new screen where you enter more details such as the names of your consignor and consignee. You also have the option to add add-ons such as cargo insurance, customs clearance and other services.

Once you have refined your booking, you can review the price and then confirm.

Step 3: Your road transport is booked

That is it, the job is done! Your shipment is now booked and the logistics specialists at Kuehne+Nagel will take care of everything.

Features for your peace of mind

All your paperwork and documentation is easily accessible from within the eTrucknow platform. You can easily download your shipment data, including ePOD, in a single file.

If you need to speak with anyone about your shipment, our customer service experts can support you with any queries. You can reach them via email or phone.

We have designed eTrucknow to be the most simple and efficient way to organise your road transport. You can now spend your time engaging with customers, developing your strategy and other important tasks.

Delivering a road shipment from A to B can be as quick and simple as this. Save time and regain focus with eTrucknow. Find out more here or sign up an account with us.