Gain full visibility and control of your shipments with an integrated solution.

Businesses are increasingly relying on road transportation to reach their customers. Whether you are a global firm with multiple shipments per day or a local manufacturer with several shipments per week, your supply chain relies on consistent shipping. Between local trucking firms and large commercial fleets, there is no shortage of carriers available. With all this choice, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Here are some essential factors to look for when choosing a trucking partner for your business.

1. Capacity and ability

Your trucking partner must be able to deliver on their promises. The larger your partner’s network is, the wider the reach of your company and the more customers you can reliably serve. If you need cross-border service, your partner must be able to deliver your shipments internationally. Capacity is another key feature. If your trucking partner doesn’t have the capacity to handle your shipments, then it’s a non-starter. If you are shipping multiple times per week, your partner must have a fleet that can sustain this activity.

eTrucknow is a digital road logistics platform developed by Kuehne+Nagel, a global logistics leader. With over 130 years of stability and reliability, Kuehne+Nagel has a proven record of accomplishment. With eTrucknow’s integrated solution, you will always have certified and skilled drivers ready to deliver your shipments. Whether you are an SME or a blue-chip company, eTrucknow easily integrates into your organisation to simplify your road logistics management.

2. Innovative and analytic

Technology has changed the way we conduct business. Innovations in consumer technology have reset our expectations for business applications. Your trucking partner should be at the forefront of this innovation, being able to offer you features that promote efficiency and accuracy. By using technology to simplify your shipping process, you will save time and add certainty to your business planning. Route optimisation and other features ensure that your shipments arrive faster. During times of disruption, route optimisation also helps your drivers avoid dangerous areas.

Through one simple interface, eTrucknow allows you to find quotes, make your bookings and track your shipments through their entire journey. eTrucknow ensures that you improve the efficiency of your entire supply chain, enabling you to easily structure your planning, procurement, visibility and payment consolidation. Furthermore, all these features are available 24/7 from any device – desktop or mobile.

Technology also provides new levels of metrics to enrich your business intelligence. eTrucknow dashboard offers essential business insights that you can use to grow your margins and promote efficiency in your organisation.

3. Certified and vetted

Your shipments are an extended arm of your business and an unreliable driver directly affects your company’s reputation. You want certified drivers who conduct themselves professionally when driving and delivering. eTrucknow works with the best local trucking companies in Asia Pacific. All drivers have undergone background checks to ensure that they are fully insured and don’t have a history of accidents. This ensures you receive only the best service with prequalified drivers representing your company. You can expect this level of quality, reliability and professionalism in every interaction.

4. Cost and convenience

Naturally, you want an affordable trucking partner who will provide value for money. Comparing quotes can be a time-consuming process, costing you hours of productivity. eTrucknow gives you instant access to competitive quotes, based on your exact shipping needs. To ensure you receive the best price, eTrucknow draws on a wide network of carefully vetted truck partners. This means that you have competitive and transparent pricing readily available, with no hidden costs.

Convenience is another essential feature to look for. It is important that your trucking partner has a convenient way to not only book shipments, but also deal with the invoices, ePOD (Electronic Proof-of-Delivery) and other paperwork. With eTrucknow, all of your paperwork is stored centrally, saving you hours of lost time chasing up missing documents or re-entering data. If you have any queries or need assistance, you can reach the support team via a convenient ChatBot.

5. Visibility

Knowing the whereabouts of your shipments is an essential business insight. This allows you to set realistic expectations with your customers based on up-to-date information. Beyond peace of mind, visibility enables smoother operations for tasks such as dock scheduling. Visibility also enhances the resilience of your supply chain, particularly important during times of uncertainty such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

eTrucknow is designed with visibility as a central feature. Powered by live GPS, you can see the real-time location of your shipments from your dashboard. You can plan better knowing the estimated delivery time and stay in control with event time stamps and alert notifications based on milestones. With better visibility also comes improved productivity, enabling you and your team to make better decisions based on accurate information.

Building a partnership with a strong and reliable trucking partner can give your business a competitive advantage. eTrucknow provides value on every criterion discussed above. Even more importantly, you can integrate eTrucknow directly within your organisation. By doing this, you have reliable access to pre-qualified and vetted drivers to ensure smooth operations and consistent high quality.

Be prepared and stay in control with eTrucknow. Find out more here or schedule a demo with us.